Is Perfect For Singapore Homes!

In Singapore, space is always a concern in our homes. Regardless of whether we are living in condos or HDB flats, we need to find ways and means to make the most of every inch of available space that we have in the tight confines of our homes. Here are 5 reasons why custom carpentry is perfect for your home!

1. For That Perfect Fit
With ready-made furniture, you are trying to look for furniture with the right measurements, with the right styling and colours to match the look and feel of your home. But our rooms and spaces aren’t all the same and sometimes we have spaces that aren’t perfectly square or rectangle. Just look at the kitchen, ready-made kitchen cabinets are manufactured for standard kitchen sizes and layouts, but everyone has different kitchen sizes that are just not ‘standard’.

So what often happens when you buy ready-made furniture is that you’ll have awkward gaps between your furniture. Or the edges of your furniture may stick out just that little bit like a sore thumb.

Well, with custom carpentry you won’t be having this problem! Custom carpentry is measured exactly to fit perfectly into your space. No sharp edges that stick out, no awkward corners and no gaps. You know what else is annoying about gaps? They are dust magnets that are painfully annoying to keep clean!

2. For That Perfect Styling
When you buy ready-made furniture, you can only choose from the usual 3-4 colour options or materials that are available and often you will have a problem of having mismatched colours or materials that may be kind of similar but still not quite the same.

So while individually, your pieces may all be nice but collectively, they don’t have a matching and cohesive look.

Custom carpentry solves that problem, and you can have the same matching look not just in one room, but it can flow seamlessly from one room to another.

3. For That Perfect Use Of Space
The beauty of custom carpentry is that no space is lost or wasted, even when the room’s layout is unconventional. You can build your cupboards from floor to ceiling and you can have it in the exact configuration that you need.

With custom carpentry, you can utilise ALL the space you have and make the most of it. You can even have multiple use of the space such as having hidden storage spaces that can be built under platform beds. Our clients enjoy using their creativity and imagination to create custom designs. We can build space-saving, multi-functional ‘transformer’ furniture that can convert a cabinet into a dining or study table.

4. That Perfectly Fits Your Needs
No two cooks use their kitchens the exact same way, but ready-made cabinets only provide standard options. You want your spices to be within easy reach, you want your pots and pans to be kept neatly when you don’t need them, and you want your shelves and drawers to accommodate all your kitchen utensils. With custom carpentry, you can!

Ready-made cabinets also come in standard heights that may not be comfortable for people that are a little bit shorter or taller.

5. And For Durability
Ready-made cabinets are often built with particle board and the joints can sometimes be flimsy. With Cozy Ideas’ custom carpentry, we use real solid plywood with quality joinings. This stronger construction means custom wood cabinets will last much longer.

Here are some custom carpentry examples from Cozy Ideas:

Hidden, concealed study room within living/ dining using sliding mirror doors

  • 2 mirror doors boost the feeling of space, and helps to keep claustrophobia at bay
  • Display cabinets with great accent lighting to create ambient mood
  • Full height storage cabinets with open shelves for books and custom-sized niche for printer compartment

Small kitchen for small 520sf condo studio

  • L-shaped kitchen cabinet
  • Swivel dining table for 2 pax
  • Pull-out table fitting for extra kitchen tabletop and prep space

Condo room with 3.5m height

  • Loft bed for 2 pax
  • Carpentry steps with storage
  • Wardrobe x 2
  • Study Desk x 2
  • Low storage cabinet along windows

Small 75sf bedroom for daughter and son

  • Single bedframe for daughter
  • Pull-out single bedframe for toddler son
  • Desk cum dressing table and drawers storage for daughter

Full height storage cum TV cabinet

Full height wardrobe cum TV cabinet integrated with sound bar

Full height wardrobe cum TV cabinet

Kitchen cum bar counter

Platform bed with storage

Dining bench settee with storage

Loft bed cum wardrobe

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Heard all about the horror stories of working with ID companies in Singapore? Such as those that rip off their customers, those that charge hidden fees, those with shoddy workmanship, those that cannot be contacted and sometimes, those that are all of the above!

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We are very pleased with Cozy Ideas, and especially with Loy for working closely with us to get our dream home renovated in a relatively tight timeframe. Loy was patient and consultative throughout the entire renovation process, listening closely to us on what our priorities are. She manages the timeline and the team extremely well, and we are glad to be able to move into our new place with minimal fuss. Thank you Loy and Cozy Ideas!

Mr. Kevin Pang

Bishan Clover By The Park

Belinda is a responsible and creative designer. She well accepted our requirement and respect our choices. While maintaining the overall work high standard, she is also able to give out-of-box solutions to meet our budget. Of course she also keeps a good track of the project schedule.

Qi Fan

25B Jalan Membina

Yes, I will recommend this interior designer.

Communication is important & we are able to communicate well & workmanship + timeline are excellent.

Advice to future homeowners:
Basically reno details & responsiveness & able to communicate would really help.

Brandon Sim

351A Anchorvale

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